Friday, May 19, 2017

Primitive force 2

Right now  life is sprouting everywhere in nature, 
and the evenings become lighter and lighter.
Soon we are in the midst of these gaggling, mystical nights 
where no light fades completely -
where the evening star appears radiantly on a light green, 
pink, golden sky and the smell of night intoxicates. 
This time is so short, so fleeting. We have to drink it in and 
keep it firmly alive through the dark, oppressive winter nights.

What made the vault of heaven so vast?
Could a night be all colors at one time?
Silver-red azure-light
Moon-polished thought
alone in dim-glossy air
The sonorous vibrations tickle my nostrils
All is calm
and the songs from the Universe
smell like the meadows of Eden


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