Friday, June 21, 2013


The wildness of gale-winds
and the roar of the sea
- as from yesterday -
were tamed this night
by the mild, appeasing moon.
Sounding its sappy tune
towards stars of nothingness
these three gigants
united in love
and a non-aggression treaty
embraced the summer-night together.

Each single void of the Universe
is filled with the flourish
of this intriguing alliance.
The songs of the sea infect me.
Happiness sweeps me away.
Flying on a magic carpet of power
the sentiment of invincibility
is maintained.
radiant like silver-white fairies
sway in their joy of nightfall and dew.
A mushy scent of flowers
is being mixed with sea-air´s salt.

The gleaming drop
trickling the straw
is the tear
I let fall in gratitude.



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