Saturday, June 21, 2014

The secret of love


                              I was told by the four winds
                                 that were I the magma
                                    of a rumpling volcano...

                             Maybe the green hood of waves
                                 breaking in sparkling translucency
                                     over trillions of shimmering sand grains.

                             Or had I the brittle fragility
                                of a white feathered dandelion
                                   dancing the meadows...

                            Then I would know more about love´s invariability
                            than the wisest man on the Planet.


But I´m not.

                            Then I met you.
And now I know
                            that love is closer to star-blinking morning dew
                            and the melting sound of snow-crystals on your 
                            nose -
                            than I could possibly imagine.
                            Love is
                            when I dream so sweet
                            that only fairytales compete.
                            It´s when my mind will shout
                            that I could not have done 
                            without you.

Suddenly I understand
                            it´s when I love for love.
                            Just that.
                            No other reason.


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