Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I crash into the human wall of emptiness
with a delicate flower in my thought
dreading it to die
Fade in my care
while I struggle to pass
My fingertips mirror those reflections
that have crossed the eyes of other people
They become nourishment for the seedling
gingerly protected by my hand

I am tired
I am afraid
I´m dead-tired
of being afraid 
of becoming too tired
to stop pushing
But I´m unable 
to pierce the shield
To destroy this impediment

Could I overshoot the wall
with a stream of blood
and by this link
transmit my thoughts towards their goal?
Pass them across
to the naked winter-tree
dominating the empty space over there
Existing unlimited
and without mistrust
ready to unfold in fair-green bloom
by the transfused vitality?


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