Monday, December 5, 2016


Just started to live
I´m scared to fade
like a withered dandelion
in the still young summer.
My senses are alert,
yet I feel
that only the mysteries
of golden fairytales
will release the weak echoes
of creeping decay
in my youth.

Blindly I search
through the mist of human hesitation.
The glittering dawn of my morning
gives me a promise
of endless beauties
that could be reflected
in the dark pupils
of my bewildered eyes.

Only the fairyland
of my childhood
"the tiny lake amongst hawthorns"
is the home of the handsome prince
and his princess.
In my cynical reality
all absurdities are swept away.
I feel heavy
and tied deep down
from all my endless responsibilities.
And yet my fairy world must exist
somewhere in the green grass.

Like the unspoken words on my lips
my fantasies are hanging
shivering in the air -
indefinable as my wants.


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